As an interdisciplinary and collaborative artist, I engage the animate and affective nature of my surroundings, creating interactive, immersive environments with sculpture, moving image, sound and drawing. In the spaces I work in, I create visceral environments that offer the conditions for joy, awe and play for both viewers and collaborators. My work investigates the entangled histories of acts of making, often with a particular attention on freeing the potential of string in varied forms, from textile understructures to resonant vessels for sound. I gain intimacy with site and material through historical research, handcrafts, collaboration, and repetitive acts of working, and through the process, I make/discover my position in the human.  There is no out to be figured, only evolving ins to be figured through, with others. Life is ongoing. Through making and unmaking, I question the stability of the structures we depend on and unmake what I know.                                                                                                                                                       

                                                                                              Silvie Deutsch, 2017